Twin Scrim Lamella Pads

Lamella slabs which provide a strong, non-combustible core for a variety of sandwich panel type products.


Lamella slabs are generally used to form the core of structural or composite panels.

Standard rock mineral fibre in its originally produced form has excellent fire, thermal and acoustic insulation properties. For improved structural performance the rock mineral fibre is cut and reformed into ‘lamellas’ where the fibres run perpendicular to the face of the panel, giving a product with far greater compressive strength and resistance to shear.

An open weave glass fibre reinforcement mesh is applied to both faces in order to provide structure to the pad whilst allowing the adhesive to form a bond between the fibres of the core and the facing used in the construction of the composite panel.

Specifically designed so that the rock fibres interface with the skins of the bonded panel enabling a good adhesive take up into the structure of the rock mineral fibre and results in a high shear strength. A highquality durable adhesive specifically designed for this purpose is essential to ensure satisfactory overall performance.

The slab may be supplied flat or with profiled faces on one or both sides.

Edge rebate details can be machined to bespoke requirements.


Lamella slabs are used as the core in the manufacture of sandwich panels.

Sandwich panels with a rock mineral fibre core have a wide range of applications particularly where acoustic or fire performance is important e.g. partition systems, external cladding systems, cold store panels and curtain walling spandrel panels.


  • High density stone wool lamella core
  • A range of densities available.
  • Close tolerance dimensions available if required.


  • Provides high rigidity for composite or sandwich panels.
  • Can assist in the acheivement of non combustibility in the overall composite panel.
  • Can enhance the acoustic performance of the overall composite panel.


  • Twin Scrim Lamella Pads can be supplied in various rock mineral fibre grades ranging from density 100Kg/m3 to 200Kg/m3. A wide range of other grades are available on request.
  • Lamella 100 -
    For use with profiled metal skins or flat metal steel thickness 1.0mm minimum or aluminium thickness 1.6mm minimum.
  • Lamella 140
    For use with flat metal skins of steel thickness 0.5mm minimum or aluminium thickness 0.9mm minimum.
  • Dimensions
    Supplied in dimensions to suit the customers bespoke requirements.

Can be manufactured to tolerances of:
+/- 0.5mm on the thickness
+/- 2.0mm in the length and width.

  • Finishes
    Usually supplied with glass fibre open weave carrier facings to both sides which ensure integrity of the slab prior to manufacture and permits full adhesive infusion between panel skin and rock fibre.

Other finishes such as aluminium foil or tissue faces are available on request.


AIM Twin Scrim Lamella Pads are stretch wrapped onto wooden pallets with a showerproof polythene pallet cover and high quality edge protectors.

Acoustic Properties

Bonded panels manufactured with lamella slabs offer high resistance to transmitted sound.

Where perforated metal is used as a face, the panel with also provide good acoustic absorption.


Dimensionally stable and may be used with different materials on each side without fear of delamination due to unequal expansion.



Overall fire resistance is dependent on the type of facing used and the adhesive required to bond it to the lamella meaning any fire performance would need to be determined by testing.

Thermal Properties

Lamella slabs have excellent thermal performance.

Items required for installation

  • PPE abrasion resistant gloves
  • PPE impact resistant goggles
  • RPE dust mask - FFP3


Twin Scrim Lamella Pads are easy to handle but should be treated with relative care to ensure their integrity and shape is maintained.


Products are supplied on wooden pallets with edge protection and a shower proof hood. Products should be stored away from the elements until ready for installation.

Should indoor storage be impossible the product should be stacked clear of the ground and covered with a stout tarpaulin.


This product does not contain moving parts and, if undisturbed in the cavity, requires no routine inspections or maintenance.


AIM Twin Scrim Lamella Pads are chemically inert, completely vermin and rot proof and do not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Lamella slabs are not known to degrade under normal conditions found in buildings and will perform effectively for the life of the building.


Insulation products supplied by AIM are considered to be inert articles and as such are exempt from requirements to provide a Safety Data Sheet.

A Product Safety and Handling Information Sheet is available upon request.


Twin Scrim Lamella Pads have an ozone depletion potential of zero.

For product recycling please contact: Rockwool
T: 01656 868400 E: [email protected]


All Twin Scrim Lamella Pads are made to order. Products are typically supplied in seven to ten working days but lead times may vary depending on existing factory commitments.

There is no minimum order quantity or value although small orders may attract transport surcharges.

Please contact our experienced sales team on 01293 582 400 or [email protected].


Technical Support is available from our experienced
sales team on 01293 582 400 or
[email protected]

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