AIM’s range of complementary roof products serve to augment the role of roofing insulation, even aiding in water run-off, and some that provide fire breaks within metal cladding, as is the case with our fire stop blocks.

Relevant products

End View Fillet 3

Angle Fillet for flat roofing

AIM angle fillets are designed to help ease the installation of waterproofing membranes at the edge of a flat roof.

AIM Angle Fillets are designed to reduce the corner angle from 90° to 45° where there are horizontal and vertical abutments on a flat roof which is being waterproofed with a membrane system.

Acoustic Trough Infills

Acoustic Trough Infills

Mineral wool profiled trough infills provide thermal performance and acoustic absorption.

AIM Acoustic Trough Infills are designed to fit into the troughs of perforated metal profiles used on roof decking. They can be manufactured to suit any trapezoidal profile or perforated standing seam decking in a range of densities.

fire stop

Fire Stop Blocks

Fire and smoke stop blocks are used in the apertures in buildings, especially the flutes of trapezoidal formwork.

AIM Fire Stop Blocks are made from high density Rockwool stone wool. They are typically incorporated into the building during the construction stage and are used to seal apertures and are held permanently in place by compression.

Upstand Board

Upstand Board

Insulated upstand boards are used to provide thermal insulation and protection to upstand parapet walls on flat roofs, typically inverted roof applications.

AIM Insulated Upstand Boards are manufactured from a variety of insulation materials including the leading brands of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, or Stone Wool insulation factory bonded to our external grade high impact facing board.

Our Partners & Affiliates

AIM are partners with NBS. Our products can be found on NBS Source and have been authored to NBS specification standards and have both CAWS and Uniclass 2015 classifications.

AIM are members of Centre for Window and Cladding Technology & ASFP.