HD Thermal Break Strip

High Density Mineral Wool Isolation Strip for Cladding and Roofing.


AIM HD Thermal Break Strip is manufactured from high density rock wool strips faced on both sides with glass tissue (alternatively Class 0 aluminium foil may be specified as a facing).

It is used in a range of applications to prevent cold bridging.

AIM heavy duty spray adhesive is recommended to locate the strip in position prior to fixing the cladding.


The AIM HD Thermal Break Strip prevents cold bridging and therefore condensation and heat loss in buildings where the metal roof cladding does not require thermal insulation. Typically such constructions would be built from a steel frame structure with the roof cladding supported by either

1) Liner Tray Systems
2) Metal Cladding systems using zed purlins.

The HD Thermal Break Strip can help reduce direct sound transmission through the construction.


  • High Density Rockwool strip.
  • Tissue faced on both sides.


  • Prevents cold bridging and therefore condensation and heat loss.
  • Can help reduce direct sound transmission through the construction.

COMPONENTS available from AIM

- Spray Tack Adhesive


  • Lengths: 1200mm
  • Width: 50mm (or as specified)
  • Thickness: 12mm (or as specified)
  • Thermal Conductivity: λ = 0.040W/mK


AIM HD Thermal Break Strips are generally packed into cartons and stretch wrapped onto wooden pallets with a showerproof polythene pallet cover and high quality edge protectors.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required includes

  • Abrasion resistant gloves
  • Impact resistant goggles
  • Dust mask


The AIM HD Thermal Break Strip needs to be held in place whilst the roof cladding is secured as per manufacturer instructions. The best way to do this is to use a heavy duty spray adhesive applied 150mm from each end and in the middle of the strip. The AIM HD Thermal Break Strip is then placed along the top of the purlin or other supporting structure whilst the roof covering is fixed as per the liner sheet fixing instructions


Products are supplied in cartons on wooden pallets with edge protection and a shower proof hood. Products should be stored away from the elements until ready for installation.


This product does not contain moving parts and, if undisturbed, requires no routine inspections or maintenance.


AIM HD Thermal Break Strips are chemically inert, will not sustain vermin and do not encourage the growth of rot, fungi, moulds or bacteria. They are compatible with all normal building materials. They do not degrade under the usual conditions found in buildings and will perform effectively for the life of the building.


Insulation products supplied by AIM are considered to be inert articles and as such are exempt from requirements to provide a Safety Data Sheet.

A Product Safety and Handling Information Sheet is available upon request.


Global warming potential = zero

For product recycling of stone wool based variants, please contact: Rockwool T: 01656 868400
E: [email protected] where the insulation used is Rockwool stone wool.


To order this product the following information will be required:

  • Thickness and width of strip required.
  • Approximate quantity in linear metres.
  • Delivery location.

All AIM HD Thermal Break Strips are made to order. Products are typically supplied in seven to ten working days but lead times may vary depending on existing factory commitments.

There is no minimum order quantity or value although small orders may attract transport surcharges.


Technical Support is available from our experienced
sales team on 01293 582 400 or
[email protected]


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