Acoustic Trough Infills

Mineral wool profiled trough infills for acoustic absorption.


AIM Acoustic Trough Infills are designed to fit into the troughs of perforated metal profiles used for roof decking. They can be manufactured to suit any trapezoidal profile or perforated standing seam decking in a range of densities.


AIM Acoustic Trough Infills are used to reduce reverberation in buildings with a high proportion of hard internal surfaces, especially where noise is generated within the building, such as is the case with sports halls.

The Infills are used within perforated metal deck profiles and provide acoustic absorption. In this way a large absorptive surface can be created without the expense, aesthetic problems or inconvenience of suspended acoustic systems.

Mylar sleeved infills are suitable for humid or moist environments such as swimming pools.

Above the line of fire walls below the profiled sheeting, Fire Stop Blocks should be installed to maintain the fire compartment lines.


  • Standard lengths of 1200mm.
  • Profiles to suit all metal deck designs.
  • Available in a range of finishes including plain (natural mineral wool), white or black tissue faced or Mylar sleeved.
  • Available in a range of densities.


  • Contributes to the reduction of sound absorption within buildings where the roof is constructed from a profiled metal deck.
  • Simple to install.
  • • Fit and forget – maintenance free
  • Excellent fit as the profiles are made to exacting customer requirements.
  • A choice of finishes to suit project and / or client.
  • Mylar sleeved infills are suitable for humid or moist environments such as swimming pools


  • Lengths: 1200mm
  • Factory cut to suit the profiles of the metal sheeting as per customers specification and / or drawings.
  • AIM Profile Trough Infills are always supplied as straight sided trapeziums (even for web stiffened profiles)
  • Optional White or Black Glass Tissue Facing to three exposed surfaces.


AIM Acoustic Trough Infills are generally packed into cartons and stretch wrapped onto wooden pallets with a showerproof polythene pallet cover and high quality edge protectors.


  • Optional White or Black Glass Tissue applied to the face of the trough infill.
  • Available in a range of densities.
  • AIM Mylar sleeved version for use in humid or moist environments.


Viewing the profiled decking from the panels end; the larger of the trapezoids is the large flute, the smaller being the small flute. Either large or small flute may be required depending upon which way up the decking is laid


The stone wool material used to manufacture the Acoustic Trough Infill is recognised as a good sound absorbing material. However, the acoustic performance of the trough infill is wholly dependent on the structure of the deck used and the open area within it (size, type and number of perforations in particular).


Where a fire wall is built to the underside of a perforated metal deck, AIM Fire Stop Blocks should be installed above and below deck at the line of the wall to ensure that smoke or fire is prevented from passing through the perforations in the metal work.

AIM Fire Stop Strip can also be used to remove any imperfections in the head of the wall to the underside of the metal deck.

AIM Acoustic Trough Infills are then used across the metal deck, to assist with the reduction of noise reverberation from within the building.

The performance of the AIM Fire Stop Block is dependent on the metal deck remaining stable in a fire situation and should be assessed by a competent person.


  • PPE abrasion resistant gloves
  • PPE impact resistant goggles
  • RPE dust mask


Products are supplied in cartons and on wooden pallets with edge protection and a shower proof hood. Products should be stored away from the elements until ready for installation.


This product does not contain moving parts and, if undisturbed in the profiled sheeting, requires no routine inspections or maintenance.


AIM fire barriers are chemically inert, will not sustain vermin and do not encourage the growth of rot, fungi, moulds or bacteria. They are compatible with all normal building materials. They do not degrade under the usual conditions found in buildings and will perform effectively for the life of the building.


Insulation products supplied by AIM are considered to be inert articles and as such are exempt from requirements to provide a Safety Data Sheet.

A Product Safety and Handling Information Sheet is available upon request.


Global warming potential = zero

For product recycling please contact: Rockwool
T: 01656 868400 e: [email protected]


To order this product the following information will be required:

  • Approximate quantity. In linear metres or square metres.
  • The reference for the metal deck. In the absence of the metal deck reference please provide dimensions for the infills.
  • Delivery location

All AIM Trough Infills are made to order. Products are typically supplied in seven to ten working days but lead times may vary depending on existing factory commitments.

There is no minimum order quantity or value although small orders may attract transport surcharges.


Technical Support is available from our experienced sales team on 01293 582 400 or [email protected]

Our Partners & Affiliates

AIM are partners with NBS. Our products can be found on NBS Source and have been authored to NBS specification standards and have both CAWS and Uniclass 2015 classifications.

AIM are working in partnership with Rockwool.