AIM HD Thermal Break Strip

High density mineral wool isolation strip for cladding and roofing. AIM HD Thermal Break Strip is manufactured from high density rock wool strips faced on both sides with glass tissue (alternatively Class O aluminium foil may be specified as a facing). It is used in a range of applications for anti cold bridging, fire and acoustic situations.

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  • Lengths: 1200mm
  • Width: 50mm (or as specified)
  • Thickness: 12mm (or as specified)
  • Thermal Conductivity: λ = 0.040W/mK
  • Global warming potential = zero


  1. Liner Tray Systems
  2. Metal Cladding systems using zed spacers

The AIM HD Thermal Break Strip prevents cold bridging and therefore condensation and heat loss. The AIM HD Thermal Break Strip also significantly reduces direct sound transmission through the construction.


AIM heavy duty spray adhesive is recommended to locate the strip in position prior to fixing the cladding please contact our team to order. Contact Us

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