AIM FireFloor System 2

AIM one hour fire protection system for timber floors. The AIM FireFloor System 2 provides 1 hour fire protection to structural floors. AIM FireFloor System 2 is suitable for new construction or for refurbishment work and offers the advantages of very simple installation, economy with the freedom to choose any ceiling finish under the floor. AIM Fire Barrier is fitted between the timber floor joists, from above, and retained by three clips per length.

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  • 1000 x 1200 x 100mm
  • 1000mm lengths cut to suit joist spacing
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Support to slab: AIM clips (3 per length)
  • Maximum joist spacing: 400mm (max c/c)
  • Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.038W/mK
  • Suitable for compartment floors
  • Can help overall floor construction meet Part E of Building Regulations
  • Ozone depletion potential of zero; no CFCs or HCFCs used in manufacture
  • Non-combustible to EN15301-1 and classified A1
  • Global warming potential = zero

Fire Performance

The FireFloor System 2 has been assessed in accordance with BS 476 : Part 21: 1987 by Warrington Fire Research Centre for a fire resistance of one hour. The specifications and fixing instructions stipulated in this data sheet must be strictly adhered to.


The FireFloor System 2 is installed, from above, into the space between floors joists; in the case of refurbishment the floor boards must be removed, but the ceiling may be left in place. Clips are inserted into the AIM Fire Barrier at mid thickness with the leg pointing upwards. The Fire Barrier is compressed by about 5% into the space between floor joists, and pushed down until the bottom of the barrier is in line with the bottom of the floor joists.

The clips, which will be protruding above the fire barrier are then to be fixed to the floor joists with steel nails or screws.

Construction Notes

The Fire Barrier is supported by three L shaped steel securing clips per 1000mm length, with two clips on one side, placed at 250mm from each end, and one clip on the other side, placed centrally. The clips must penetrate to at least the mid width position on the barrier. The clips are fastened to the sides of the floor joist above the Fire Barrier, using steel nails or screws. The Fire Barrier is positioned so that the bottom of the barrier is level with the bottom of the floor joist (i.e. at top of ceiling level). There is no requirement for a fire rated ceiling.

The fire barrier must be compressed by about 5% when installed and the barrier butt ends must be tight compression joints. The maximum allowable joist spacing is 400mm nominal centres. The timber floor assembly must be in good condition and constructed in accordance with BS5268-4.2 1990.

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